Project: by The London Flower School

For: International Women Day 2021

Photos and Video: Federica Carlini, Nicole Ma


The project studies a Goddess, Patroness and Protector, adorned with Mimosa to honour the memory of all the girls and women who fight for our rights and freedom. Floristry is a legacy of incredibly strong and inspiring women, who constructed a tradition full of meanings that evolves through history since the beginning of society. In Italy, Mimosa is the symbol of the International women’s day, showing women’s strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. It is considered an emblem of resilience because of its ability to flourish in difficult conditions, and was adopted by the Unione Donne Italiane (U.D.I) in 1946 to tribute women’s struggle and the victory for women’s rights. It was also the flower that partisans gave to female couriers (Staffette), who risked their life in order to carry important information during the Italian resistance during WW11. This project underline the importance of flowers in society as communication medium.