Bespoke Classes

Federica teaches a select number of floral workshops each year, including group workshops, private classes and online tutoring. 

Contact for any inquire about group or private bespoke workshops tailored to meet individuals and groups specific needs, such as learning a particular floral technique, style or design process.



Her passion for teaching started in Madrid with her own classes, and then at the London Flower School in London, the creative floristry school renowned around the world for pushing boundaries of education in the flower industry, where since 2019 she has taught about floristry and the development of creative projects to professionals and creatives.

Her dedication to floral design is nurtured by the strong socio-cultural value of the elements of nature in our daily lives. In this vision, organic materials are a tool to self-expression through symbols leaning in the essence of each culture. Using flowers as an artistic and communicational medium, she explores the nature of human interaction through the creation of installations, floral compositions and multi-sensory table styling.

Her mission is to pay homage to a universal art that celebrates the essentials, creating experiences for an audience that can connect with that essence, discovering something about themselves.