Table Stylings

Classes: by The London Flower School

Photos and Video: Marcelo Deguchi, Yoav Picherski


On a daily basis flowers are used to bring people together. The dining table is for many cultures the centre of an important sharing moment of the day: the meal. Using botanical material as an artistic medium and a communication tool, I like to explore the essence of human interaction through the creation of floral compositions and multi-sensory table styling that can impact the conversation on the table. 

The London Flower School is a creative floristry school in London where I had the opportunity to teach for the past 3 years, as well as be part of the design team of events and creative projects for different brand and institutions. At LFS, we teach the classical techniques of floral art in a range of different classes, encouraging our students to develop their own creative vision. Our aim is to push boundaries in floristry and lift it as a form of art. The floral classes that I teach are visual translations of stories inspired by the tradition in my country, including references to art and design from all over the world.